Road Trip


We decided to hit the road and see what adventure awaits. This was just a day trip. We went to Seattle, WA. I’ve gone through many things with this girl and yet here we are still together. Every day with her is an adventure. She loves to be out there and travel often.

Our first stop was to Jollibee in Tukwila, WA. Jollibee is a Filipino fast food restaurant. We had fried chicken, spaghetti with cheese, fiesta noodles, and her favorite peanut sauce with some pork meat. And of course her favorite peach mango pie, which I ate mine at the start and she saved hers for later. And then I ate hers when I got home XD. That’s how I know she loves me. Afterwards we bought some baked goods around the mall from Red Ribbon Bakery and another pastry place and picked up some sponge cake and ube pastries (purple yam). Our next stop was Dr Jose Rizal Park as shown above.


Then we went to the famous places like Pike Market Place and Gum Wall. Upon walking up to this, she pulls out a piece of gum from her pocket and I was thinking “Where did that come from??” Looks like she was well-prepared. After chewing for less than a minute, she placed her mark on the wall.


Oh man, silly me. I am never looking at the camera. The reason why I never look at the camera is because my eyes are always on her. *D’awwwww*


Next on the list is the first Starbucks Coffee place. That is me trying to make the number 1 and also pointing at the Starbucks window but now I look like I messed up the picture. Having a normal photo of me is rare.


We concluded our food trip with dinner at Din Tai Fung in Seattle. Luckily we didn’t have to wait in line because it was just us two and there were tables available for us. My suggestions came from the Fung Bros Youtube review on DTF (Din Tai Fung, not the other dtf). Since it was just the two of us, we only chose 3 options – Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai Shu Mai, Spicy Wontons, and they were bomb AF (as flavorful). Those XLB’s were so good and we had such a fun time eating them. She knows how to savor food as well as I do. We saved the 2 best XLB’s for last. MMMMMM!


And our last stop was back in Tukwila to buy some 85°C bakery. We didn’t know what the fuss was about or why it was good. We walked in and there were massive amounts of people in line and grabbing bakery items. There were no labels as to what the product was or how much it costs but I started picking out a few and by the end I wanted more of everything. After we paid, we had one later and it was the most delicious piece of bakery I’ve had! Look at that amazingness! Oh and the baked goods too. XD

I have to say a big thanks to T for driving. I had a closing shift the night before and was severely wrecked. I’m so sad that our schedules are not aligning. She tried to talk to management but it’s what she signed up for. Mine seems to be random but for some reason, the last month we’ve just been having completely opposite days off. It just so happens for the next 3 weeks I am working on all of her days off and she is working on all the days I’m off. That’s some really crummy scheduling. Last month we had a Eugene trip that I planned out. Maybe it won’t be until next month for our next adventure. I can’t wait. I’m going to turn into one of those people that has to do a countdown until the next time I get to see her even though we’re only like 40 mins away.

I love you and hope we have many more adventures together, near and far! ♥


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One response to “Road Trip”

  1. hibubblesss says :

    Awww this is so cute!!!! Also LOL at Jollibee and Red Ribbon bakery. I didn’t realize there was such a big Filipino population in that area.

    Also, the drinks at 85c are bomb!!! People rave about their sea salt drinks, but I’ve never tried them because the idea does not seem appealing lol. I see she got the brioche!!! It’s one of the best.

    Aw, hopefully your schedules will better accommodate time for each other in the future!!

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