Reaping what I sowed

It feels like nothing has happened in the last couple months but a lot has happened. I passed my exams and became fully licensed. I got my first paycheck last week and let’s just say I pay a lot of taxes. After 8 years of school, I’m finally doing what I planned on doing. With the first paycheck, I spent $100 buying protein and protein bars HAHA. So typical. I’ll most likely be spending it on buying some snowboarding gear though. I bought a few passes for this coming season. I tried it once last year and it was fun so I’ll be trying it some more this year.

Thanksgiving was as usual with the family and relatives. It was nice hanging with them again. I feel we’re all getting older and unable to see each other often anymore. We’re all growing up and have to work and tend to our other things.

I’m no longer in school, no longer a student anymore. It feels pretty great actually not having to study anymore. However, I know that there is still much to learn! I’ve been trying to read more and knowing me, I am not a reader. My girlfriend has bought these books that have been recommended to her by a mentor and I’ve been reading them. Some have been insightful and some are eh. But I definitely need to read more and keep my mind active. I’ve been playing so much games but I feel that is a waste of time and I could be doing something much more productive with my time.

With the transition of being student to adulting, I find the hardest part is setting goals. It was so easy when there were due dates and exams at set intervals. But when you transition to being an adult, at least for me, I don’t have any due dates. I feel it is more important to be able to set goals for myself and not only set these goals but create a blueprint to follow to achieve those goals.

Finally reaping the benefits of all my hard work but now I’m seeking new goals to pursue in life. I actually would like to travel since I didn’t get to do much in my life. But as a floater, the schedule comes out later and I live my life 2 weeks at a time so I’m unable to plan anything big. I’ll think of some good goals by the end of this year. Hoping to make some big New Years Resolutions this year. Less than 4 weeks left of the year, going to finish it off strong. 2016 was just warm up, and maybe 2017 is too T__T. WAIT NO, 2017 is the real deal! HAHA LEGGOOOO!


About stanlee255

Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

One response to “Reaping what I sowed”

  1. hibubblesss says :

    LOL about your first paycheck. Man…. should be saving up to pay off those loans, or make an emergency fund lol. But yea, I am def an advocate of traveling as much as you can while you’re still young and don’t really have many commitments (: Congrats on becoming a fully fledged pharmacist!!!

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