My oh my, where has the time gone? Life has gotten way too busy. I busted my butt during Block 8 and worked so much over time, keeping in mind that I don’t get paid because it’s part of school. In the end, they absolutely loved me and I did my darn best to put in more hard work than any other intern before or will after me. And all I got was a “best of luck” speech in the end. Normally interns aren’t supposed to work over, they’re already working 40 hours a week unpaid but I was working closer to 50 hours a week unpaid and it didn’t seem fair to me. I guess it’s because I’m seeing all my classmates get recognized with treats and gifts for their hard work and I felt so used and tossed aside. I also worked out 5x per week and racked up 10,000 steps at work. Try doing that after leg days. Feelsbadman.

Anyways, graduation went well. Here’s me with the miss. 🙂
IMG_2621 better

Hired on with a retail chain company. Finished training, it was so hectic. I took my NAPLEX, which is the pharmacy licensure exam and I passed with a score of 118! Passing is 75. I walked out of there feeling like I completely failed it. The test gets harder as you get more questions correct. I definitely needed to slow down because I had 45 mins remaining at the end (only goes 1 question at a time). I also had to pee because I drank coffee before and the scheduled break is 2 hours into the test (halfway). I guess I was worried because I’ve been hearing people that have failed from my school as well as from other schools. I also didn’t study as much as I would have liked and there were still some topics I was so fuzzy about. But woot, I passed!

Next up is studying for pharmacy law exam. I’ve also heard that some of the smart people from my class have failed this one and from all the past students that this one is more difficult than the NAPLEX. WELP, I’ll just give it my best shot. XD

Working out has been like non-existent. But now with the boards being done, just gotta allocate my time appropriately with pharmacy law and get that out of the way. I know people out there are making it with both work and working out in addition to living their lives. WE’RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT! Keep up the grind and the hustle and put in that work!

In other news, I am calling the girl above as my girlfriend. Her parents think we’re just friends that like each other and are going on dates and pursuing each other but not official. Which isn’t far from the truth but we’ve had the talk about being exclusive and both wanting something more serious haha.



I wish I blogged more but things get so busy. I love being able to freely write things on my mind. I feel it helps me improve my communication skills and articulate my thoughts and put those thoughts into words. Well, with school being completely over, real life is about to begin for the first time. I’m not exactly thrilled but I am excited to see what I can do and see what the next adventure is waiting for me out there.


About stanlee255

Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

One response to “PASSED NAPLEX”

  1. Lillypad says :

    I always love reading your posts because reading your updates gets me motivated to stay on top of the challenges I face in my life and constantly reassess my priorities haha. Great job on the exam and best of luck with your relationship – she’s cute! 🙂

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