Block 7 DONE!


The good news is that all of my hospital rotations have been done and I’m SO glad to finally be able to leave that place. Let’s just say I have developed way more problems in my life than I ever have at any other point in my life. I would say this is the lowest I have ever been in my entire life, worse than the teenage emo/depression I had back then. In every aspect of my life, I was broken… Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Now it’s over. However, it’s not like I become un-depressed in a weekend. It’s going to take weeks or months to get my head straight again. As for the physical part, I’m in the worst shape of my life. This will take years.

My school messed up my rotations again. It seems to only happen to me because nobody else has any problems with their rotations and they all seemed to enjoy it and I’m over here going through hell for the last 6 months. So I signed up for a site near me for my last block and I am registered for this site as it says so on my registration account. However, the school coordinator put in all the paperwork for the site across the city. Turns out the preceptor moved to that site (same company still) and I’m just confused why I have to move with him. I only intended to commute the short distance but now it’s across town and driving through morning rush hour (8am) and after-work rush hour (6pm) through the I-5 bridges to get back home.

The school coordinators (both of them) told me they can’t do anything for me. Well, ONE of them emailed me back, and the other guy ignored my message.

I feel like this is unacceptable on the school’s part. Like I chose that specific site for its location and they change that on me!… I will give it a try tomorrow and see how my first day goes. But I already have a biased opinion that I will not like it due to the distance. I know I am still a student and should probably suck it up, but holy hell I am getting screwed over. And maybe I am just super fed up with how I’m being treated and they’ve pushed me way too far. And I feel like the school is just sweeping it under the rug. They’re just like “oops, idk, just deal with it”


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Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

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