Hawaii 2015

WHY WERE YOU IN HAWAII? – It was Sept and I was like, why not? My friend is there and he said it was fine with him to live at his place so I booked the ticket. I was there for 9 days which flew by SUPER fast.

I was not prepared for this trip and I’m super glad my friend knows some good places to take me to. For nearly the entire trip, I was with my friend and wasn’t able to meet up with any of my other friends except two days before my departure where I got to see 6 of my friends and we had dinner.

On this trip, I mostly got to explore the island. I got to hike (from right to left):

Manoa Falls
Makapu’u Lighthouse
Tide Pools
Diamond Head
Koko Head

We went to Kailua beach twice just because it was awesome. We went to Lanikai beach (bottom 2) on the last day and it was awesome as well. That’s where I got to build my sand snowman. Waikiki beach is the tourist-y beach and it was okay (tall buildings in the back).

And I’m sure you all wanna know, WHAT DID YOU EAT? From right to left:

Shoyu Chicken from Rainbow Drive-In
Loco Moco at Ala Moana Shopping Center
Spicy Garlic and Butter Garlic Shrimp from Shrimp Trucks
Zippy’s Zip-Pac
Pork Laulau, pipikaula, lomi salmon, and poi from Young’s Fish Market
Spicy Hot Pot from Sweet Home
Acai Bowl from Health Bar
Mochi Ice Cream from Bubbies
Shaved Ice from Waiola

I also had spicy ahi poke, sushi, spam musubi, ramen, malasadas, zippy’s chili, saimin, macadamia nut sauce pancakes and Korean BBQ. I know I am missing a lot more but I hope to try even more when I go back next time. I didn’t get to do any of the water stuff except chill on the beach. Hoping to try snorkeling, kayaking, boogie boarding and all that fun stuff next time. My friend doesn’t do those either so it would be nice if we had somebody that knew what they were doing.

I definitely miss the sun. It was 80+ degrees and when I felt that sun for the first time, it was pure bliss. Oregon doesn’t have much of it and it constantly rains.


Anyways, good times were had. It is awesome to have friends in different places that can help you out and show you places. BIG MAHALO!


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One response to “Hawaii 2015”

  1. hibubblesss says :

    nomnomnomsssss. also dang gurl, lookatchu being all buff and shit hahaha. glad you were able to relax after your strenuous rotations!

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