Finally a break! I feel so free!

Six weeks of hardships is done. I’m sure I will have many more ahead but I have a break for now. I finished my last day yesterday and I miss my general medicine team. I was actually there the longest. The med students came in on my 2nd week and the doctor was there for 2 weeks at a time. But I miss them a lot. We cracked some hard cases and we helped tons of people get their life together. It was a very rewarding rotation. I’ve had to sacrifice so much but for the greater good of my knowledge, it was worth it.

Today was interview day. The class got back together and we had interviews with different retail companies. Everyone could tell I look skinnier and my arms don’t fill my suit like in the past. I guess that’s what 6 weeks of torture will do to you lol. In some sick, twisted way, it was a good rotation. Would I do it again? No. But I am glad I did it.

Anyways, interviews went surprisingly better than I expected. I thought I was going to crash, burn, and die and quit my career before it even took off.  It may happen, but hope for me is still there.

This winter break I will be going to Oahu in Hawaii! I’m leaving in a few days and will be back a week before Christmas! Hope to update when I get back. First time, SOOOO EXCITED! 😀


About stanlee255

Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

One response to “BREAAAAAK”

  1. hibubblesss says :

    you made ittttttt! now to rest and enjoy your break (:

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