25th Birthday

Things have gotten so busy and I miss writing in this. Writing is my form of reflection and it helps re-direct me to what I want to do in life, or identify my struggles.

My birthday was on the 15th, so 2 weeks ago. Significantly less people wished me a happy birthday than last year, but maybe because I’m not on the OSU campus anymore and I don’t see any of my friends. Also I don’t post a lot on FB and it was on a Friday where people are out and not on FB like I am. I went to class then gym and then went home to my mom. My mom, my lil bro, and I went to a sushi buffet where mine was free yay! The rest of the night I thanked people back on FB and then studied the rest of the weekend. Also earlier that week, I had gone down to UO in Eugene for the immunization clinic and met up with R afterwards and had dinner. It was great and it was more personal, I like it.

Today is R’s 21st birthday and she is having her birthday party tmw. She’s a very popular girl and she goes HAM on the alcohol. I told her I’d go and she’s trying to tell me that I shouldn’t drive so far to go down there and she doesn’t know if I’d have fun since I barely drink and her friends are wild. This is somewhat true. If it were any other extroverted person, she would say yea! But it’s me. My personality is so chill and I guess people see me as such an innocent introvert that they don’t invite me out to the party scene and that’s because it’s kind of true, it scares the crap out of me. And on this party, I’d be going alone and not really knowing anyone there. But the thing is, I WANT to get better at these social situations, I WANT to get better at talking, and I WANT to experience that more. I have a lacking in that experience and it kind of explains why I’m so bad at talking to people and can be very awkward in social situations. Also explains why I’m super quiet all the time because I have nothing to talk about in my life and it then becomes my personality. But deep down inside, I crave to be a social butterfly. I LOVE meeting new people and getting to know them.

She might be right though and I already told her I’d go. But looking now, it might be best that I don’t. Also, I realized I have 2 finals and a project due next week and I’ve been skipping class all week. Aiyaaaaaa!


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About stanlee255

Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

2 responses to “25th Birthday”

  1. hibubblesss says :

    Stop skipping class!

  2. Lillian says :

    I know how you feel.. I am the same way when it comes to partying / drinking. I’ve tried it out many times, and as a working professional I go out to happy hours with co workers all the time.. But I still can’t get into alcohol and the like. It’s weird because I want to enjoy it but I can’t lie to myself. Lol

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