Valentine 2015


This Valentine’s Day was a lot of fun! She can obviously tell I like her and I needed some way to ask her out and she’s not going to say yes if I didn’t sweep her off her feet, right? I ordered the flowers on Sunday evening and got them delivered on Wed morning on 2/11. She didn’t get home until 8:30pm and her friend living across the hall snapchatted her the flowers right before she got home. She called me and was really surprised. Above were the flowers along with a stuffed dog (she named it Peanut and she’s allergic to peanuts), a heart chocolate, and a note that asked if she will be my Valentine. Some persuasion was needed but I eventually got her to say yes. Getting a reservation for dinner was hard but I eventually got one to a thai restaurant (her favorite).

V-day rolls around and I had the day planned. It took me less than 2 hrs to drive down there, arrived at 10:30am. When she came out, I hugged her and surprised her with a small heart-shaped box of chocolates. I didn’t want to come empty handed! xD We went to have lunch at Toshi’s Ramen and she wouldn’t let me pay that one! Thankfully it wasn’t that expensive. But shoot, wasn’t this day supposed to be all my treat? Then we went to Asian Celebration and I called Eugenia and she got us in for free through the back. Eugenia knew some of her friends and made sure that I looked good in front of everyone by talking me up a little (best wing girl ever). I got to see some of my friends and I met some of hers too. We went back to her place after and changed clothes to go for a hike up Spencer Butte. It was a pretty difficult climb. Towards the top are a lot of big rocks and we had to use our hands to balance and climb up it. Went back home to change and she made me a cookie butter sandwich with bananas! Then we went out to dinner at Aiyara Thai Cafe. After that, we went home and I got her to dance (Waltz) with me to Thinking Out Loud in her room :D. Also other songs too. And she kicked me out slightly after 9pm cuz she didn’t want me to drive home too late.

A lot of guys have confessed to her and she’s rejected them all. I’m happy she hasn’t rejected me (yet?) and I know she’s in a phase where she’s not really looking for a relationship and she’s just looking for growth in her life. I respect that and I support that. Not too long ago, I felt the same way, just looking for new things to do and help me grow. I don’t need her in my life, but I want to share my life with her.

tl;dr: delivered her flowers, ate lunch, went to asian celebration, went for a hike, went to dinner, danced the night away, overall fun day!


About stanlee255

Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

One response to “Valentine 2015”

  1. Lillian says :

    This was so sweet! You’re such a romantic! 🙂 Wishing you two the best

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