OSU Graduation 2014

There’s a lot of goodbyes that I wish I had time for. There’s so many people that I have yet to say good bye to. But this is what happens when you have met so many great people in your life. I am proud of how far I have come because I was always this little tiny kid that had low self-confidence and very few words to say. I’m not a very social person though I wish I was more so. My siblings are terrible at socializing. So just the fact that I have met so many people with my time here at OSU just shows how much I have grown and will continue to grow. After exiting the ceremony, I got pictures with a handful of people but there were SOOO many that I didn’t get to see. We may never meet again, but I will not forget these memories I have at this school.

Although I am not the one graduating, but I am also leaving here to continue my P3 year at OHSU. I think a lot of people don’t realize that and I should post it on FB or something, but I’m planning to do that after my rotation at the end of summer. I am still here for summer and I hope to see those that are still around.

Maybe I just have no words that could express how I feel about leaving, especially all of my friends and all the great freshmen that I met this year. When I finally finish all of my duties here and officially move out, it will be a bittersweet feeling. I hope to keep in touch with everyone and that people will find me if they ever need help with anything. I am passionate about helping others and I will do everything I can to help out. Love you all and I hope our paths will cross again. Until next time!


About stanlee255

Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

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