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My friend has recently become a fitness coach for the BeachBody workout stuff and I am envious of her. She was in my pharmacy class but transferred to another university because she had to move. I’ve always thought of becoming a personal trainer, but I don’t think I would be qualified for one as of now. She’s been doing those 25 minute workouts that they have and she really loves doing it and I guess the motivation and spirit has made her want to be a coach. No bash on her, but those workouts aren’t that great but I guess it is a sort of HIIT training. Not sure how long she’s been doing it, but I have been lifting for a few years now and I’ve taken some breaks, but I love lifting. I’ve spent so much time reading about bodybuilding, different workouts, nutrition, and a lot of the science behind everything. The reason I love bodybuilding so much is because I’ve always wanted to be the strongest ever since I was a wee little baby. Also, I have been dealing my whole life with repetition. I don’t know why, but repetitive stuff makes me feel at ease. I like when things are predictable and when you have a schedule. After doing something repeatedly, you learn to master it and that’s what I plan to do. Anyways, my goal is to one day compete in bodybuilding and then I will aim to be a certified personal trainer. It seems like every gym session, people are always mirin at how big I am and I never know how to reply. “Thanks!” lol. No brag, but I honestly don’t think I am big at all and I am really weak, I just look big because that’s what I do. I body build to look big and as lean as possible. And I’m not that tall, so a few years of lifting will fill out my body type pretty well.

I made a move on my crush and it seems like a definite ‘no’ now. I texted her last week, “Will you be the marshmallows to my Lucky Charms?” and sent her a pic of my bowl of lucky charms cereal. Is that line not the sweetest line ever?? No response from her, so I’m going to take that as a no. That’s okay. It’s not like I hug my pillow and cry myself to sleep every night! LOL jk, not srs…. well, semi-srs. It felt good to have taken a risk even if it might mean a rejection, but now I know. I’ve stopped looking for a girl now and I just want to live my life as it is.

We all have goals and dreams in our lives, but they may change over time. I thought bodybuilding was it, but it’s not my goal as of right now. My goal is to study hard and do the best I can in my pharmacy classes. As nerdy as it sounds, I wake up every day with this mind set. It may not be the goal I want, but it’s the goal I need (Batman reference). I want to set my heart on something and strive to do well in it, so this will be it. And I need to pass all of my classes! xD


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Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

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