Valentine’s – Love and Forgive Lesson

My V-day went great. After 1.5 weeks of not lifting, I finally got to treat myself to a great gym session. It was a back day and I still have the majority of my strength, but not my endurance. I got super fatigued at the end and my muscles wouldn’t pull anything anymore. Normally I finish off with biceps, but I did a few measly reps and called it a day. I went out with 4 of my bros to a cool viet place and had dinner together. It was sweet xD LOL. On Saturday, I was supposed to go to Asian Celebration in another town an hour away with my friend but she had plans afterwards and couldn’t take me. Her bf was in town and they were gonna get dinner and I had to be back by 7 for another party. I stayed up to study until 7 and went to Epic’s V-day party. We got into teams and played games against each other. We tied for first place and then lost at the bonus round. But it was fun. I still got to talk with that girl and things are still the same. I’m thinking of just telling her straight up that I still like her and think she’s a wonderful person and would like to take her out sometime… Or something along those lines. And then at least she knows how I’m feeling and she can either reject me or give me a shot. I chilled with 2 couples later that night and yes, 5th wheeling it, but they were all cool people.

I’ve been going to church more and re-discovering this path of religion. I just wanted to share what I have learned this past week. At Epic, we talked about love and there was a married couple that shared their experiences. They say it’s a relationship about putting God first and working together to serve Him. This is far from my POV because my faith isn’t strong. I still think everything else they said is true though. Relationships require hard work, a lot of forgiving, compromises, and trust. Most importantly, it’s communication. I think we start assuming a lot of bad things once communication breaks down so it’s important to always communicate with them what we are thinking. This is one of the reasons that brought me to conclude that I should tell my crush I still like her and would like a chance with her, again. I’ll admit I messed up and I don’t want to come off as desperate, but I do think she’s a wonderful person and any guy she ends up with is a really lucky guy.

Went to church today and talked about forgiveness. Maybe this sermon applies more to her, but this helped me go back to my old ways where I was humble and let God do the work. Since I’m a lot bigger and stronger, I want payback if somebody has wronged me (such as my best friend back stabbing me on a board game to win the game LOL). I have this mentality where I can’t show weakness and I have to be alpha-looking. But who am I to judge what should happen to them? Forgiveness is defined as letting go of the offense and not bringing it up again. It’s not a one-time thing where you say you forgive them. But it takes multiple times in your own conscience and you tell yourself that you forgive them and will not bring this up. It’s learning to let it go.

‘Queue Frozen Let It Go Soundtrack’


-On vday, worked out, dinner with 4 other guys
-Spent Saturday at a party where we played games and had desserts, talked with crush, debating on telling her I like her
-Sunday went to church, talked about forgiveness. Thought about Thursday at Epic and how we talked about love.
-Message from the two is be humble, forgive by not bringing up the offense, and love requires communication (derp).


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