What Should I do?

Snooooooow is here!

I got one midterm cancelled, which I am not so happy about because it is one of the relatively easier ones. I have my harder ones next week that I want to focus on. But then again, I was slightly underprepared for this exam. I probably would’ve gotten between a C and a B, unless I get lucky and his questions were extremely similar to past exams, then possibly a B+ or A-. I said SLIGHTLY underprepared 😛

So I was studying at the library last night at my table with my good friends. About 5 feet away is the girl I’ve been crushing on. She sits at a full table studying for a midterm as well. Sitting at her side is this guy that’s 1 year younger and I’ve seen her all the time with him now. They do have like 3 of her core classes together and in the same professional fraternity. Anyways, I am friends with everyone at her table. I go over to say hi and the guy really looks up to me because I’m in grad school. I’m being cheeky, me and the girl flirt a bit, etc.

At the end of the night, it’s just me and one of my friends (girl) and we leave and I say bye to them all and stuff. My friend has already been told the history with my crush and basically she said it may not work out because I’ve “tainted” this love as she puts it (did not make us official). Also, if I really do like her, I should show initiative and let her know that. BUT she insists that I do not pursue. That’s what I’m pondering over about. Should I be more aggressive and tell her? Because I feel that might scare her away. Should I stick with flirting and be a little more playful each time? Here’s the thing. I really do want to get back together with her. Ugh this is crazy but I want to believe that it can work out. On one hand, she could just be rebounding (she was first to initiate text after a year) and had no intention of being with me and just being friendly. On the other hand, she misses me and would like to try ‘us’ again and I could have everything! What should I do? 


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