Text Game

2014-01-23 15.35.12

I am so glad interviews are over. I felt really stressed out. I don’t do very well in interviews. I had good moments and then I had some bad moments. Overall I felt good about them though. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and just hope for the best right now. I would really love it if I can get something!

First basketball intramural games is this week. Us P2’s are playing against the P1’s for both our coed and men’s team this first week!! So worried because we haven’t practiced or played since last year. I personally have been playing a game or so each week. Also we have our exams on Tuesday… And I have my ambulatory care rotation all next week. I’m super stressed and worried about next week in general.

Been trying to talk more to that girl I had a thing with in 2012. We basically had a year break in 2013. Idk, she messaged me first and I took it as a sign to start talking. But she hasn’t really initiated anything with me after that. She’s been on my mind and it’s kind of bugging me. We went out for lunch once to catch up. My text game is really bad too. If you guys have iMessage, should add me and help me up my game :D… Srs, I am probably more plain than spaghetti noodles without the spaghetti sauce. Sometimes this is where my discouragement comes in. I’ll either be so boring they stop texting, or say something stupid and they don’t want to reply. Or maybe they really aren’t interested in the first place. Story of my life lol. Then again, I don’t do a lot of texting in general because I’m either studying or lifting or in class and ‘trying’ to pay attention.


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Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

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