IPE and Fun After

AE Clothes Fun

Today was a very fun-filled day. I woke up at 8am and all the 2nd year pharmacy students have to go to OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) for an Interprofessional Education (IPE) meeting. We met with students from Dentistry, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacy (my classmates), Medical Students, etc. We’re all students working towards our profession and we came together today to work on a case on bioethics. Basically it’s about trying to make the right decision.

Because I thought this was so interesting, I’ll give one example from the speaker. I’ll keep it brief. Patient was on a ventilator because their lungs were severely damaged. The patient chose to withdraw treatment and end their life rather than stay on a ventilator their whole life. Many health care providers disagreed with his decision because the patient can still live a decent amount of their life and function while on the ventilator. Ok maybe I should’ve paid more attention to detail because I forgot most of it, but overall it was about the choices health care providers had to make to either pull the plug on this guy or refusing to pull but eventually the patient will find somebody else to do it. AND even if you decide to do it, the literature does not tell you how much drugs to give to prevent pain. Too little narcotics going off the ventilator will cause severe pain, but too much will hasten his passing away. Gotta take into account weight, liver function, etc.

This was a 1.5 hr drive back to my area from town anyways so I ended up stopping by at home for dinner. I drove my 3 other friends and they came to my place for dinner too. It was their first time over and my mom made a lot of food. All second-year pharmacy students gets transferred from OSU to OHSU in their 3rd year, so I might have friends over at my place more often to study and stuff. We also played Mario Party 3 because I have 4 controllers. We only played some fun minigames and then we went to the mall. It was all of their first time at that mall too and it was much bigger than the other ones in the area. Above is a picture of me messing around in the AE Outfitters changing room. My friend Eugenia picked the jeans and shirt because I have no sense of fashion lol. I ended up buying the jeans but not the shirt. I also got to step on a machine by Kaiser Permanente that will measure height, weight, and BMI. Then you hold onto it and it will measure body fat.

Weight – 153.8 lbs
Height – 5’4.9″
BMI – 26
Body Fat – 12%


According to the BMI, I am considered overweight, but my body fat is at 12%. It means I’m not fat lol. But I think the machine only measures body fat in the arms/chest because my stomach sure as heck doesn’t look 12% body fat. A surprising fact is that I’ve always thought I’m 5’4 but I’m actually almost 5’5!

We got back around 11pm. It was definitely a fun day full of adventures with friends! Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Time to buckle down tmw and study this weekend. Exams are coming up along with interviews for internships the following week. Hope you’re all having a great weekend, don’t waste it! 🙂


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Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

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