Review of 2013

MAN! What happened in 2013? I can’t remember much, it all flew by extremely quickly.

In the beginning of this year, I struggled with a complicated relationship. She ended up with someone else and I wasn’t exactly ready for a relationship. Pharmacy school became extremely challenging. There were so many times that I struggled to just pass a test. I played intramural basketball with my pharmacy team. It was my first time playing “official” basketball. It was always street ball for me. I spent SO much time practicing and got so much better. Our men’s team lost all of our games, but we had tons of fun together. Our co-ed team won four out of the five games!


Spring quarter came along and I got super busy with bodybuilding. I lifted a lot and made significant gains and finished strong by the end of the year. I watched my friends and my sister graduate. I had lots of fun during the end of the year going out to the Peacock and Impulse (bars) to dance. Summer came along and I got a gym pass to Crunch. I was suffering from a strained lower back since the Spring so I went as hard as I could while avoiding injury in my back. I had to opt out of certain main lifts, but it was worth it. By the end of summer, my back healed almost 100% and I was able to start doing those main lifts again. I made it to a peak weight of 148 lbs, but after trimming away some fat, I ended at 142 lbs. Normally that’s nothing, but I’m not that tall, so I look decently large.

2013-10-26 16.16.39

Second year of pharmacy school has started and I was close to failing for real this time. I was taking 20 credit hours as a graduate student and for one of my classes, I barely passed each test. Right at the last module, I failed it hard and you’re given one retake when that happens. Well, I had another cumulative final for my elective class the night before my retake. I didn’t know I had to retake it until 4 days before because there was snow and campus was closed so the tests didn’t get graded. Well, it all worked out in the end and I got a C in the class, not surprisingly. I went to my first football game, EVER! Even though it is my 6th year here at this university haha.

Winter break came around and I was extremely happy the term was over. I went back to the gym and was happy to workout again after 2 weeks of sitting and studying. Christmas was awesome and I got these awesome shirts that I can wear to the gym.

2013-12-25 16.55.57

In this past year, I retook Ballroom 2 and I finally moved on to West Coast Swing 2. I also did Country Swing I and had an extremely fun time with all of those dance classes. I am spending my break reading Eragon, on the 2nd book now. And a funny thing… the girl I mentioned in the beginning got dumped a couple months ago and has texted me this break. She’s probably trying to get tickets to the gun show. hahaha jk. Ah, tfw no gf. 2013 was kind of a “no female contact 2013” because of pharmacy school and training all the time. 2013 was not bad of a year, but I definitely see some great things happening in 2014. Happy New Years, everyone!


About stanlee255

Future pharmacist, spending most of my time studying. I love fitness. I play some basketball. I do some dancing too. :)

2 responses to “Review of 2013”

  1. Lillian says :

    “She’s probably trying to get tickets to the gun show.” LOLOLOL #dying

  2. hibubblesss says :

    LOL wow, I know how you feel bro 😦 I was so afraid that I’d fail my classes this semester. Glad it turned out okay for you tho!

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